Terms and Condition for broadcasters and contributors

1. Welcome

Thanks for your interest to contribute to Radioo.App's directory of stations. By using our Service of submitting a station, you agree on these terms. If ever in conflict, to the extent of such conflict, the Radioo.App broadcasters and contributors Terms will take precedence over any other terms of the Agreement. Please read the Agreement carefully.

As used in the Agreement, “you”, “broadcaster” or “contributor” means the individual or entity using the Services (and/or any individual, entity or successor entity, agency or network acting on your behalf), “we,” “us” or “Radioo.App” means Radioo.App, , “radio station” means the product being submitted to the Service, and the “parties” means you and Radioo.App.

2. Broadcasters & Contributors

“Broadcasters” and/or “Contributors” means the individuals or entities that are connected, owns, or acting on behalf of a radio station or network, or have the right to submit stations to directories, such as Radioo.App. Contributors needs to have the right from the radio station itself to have right to submit the radio station on Radioo.App.

3. Submissions

You can submit a radio station without any check but if they are added without any agreement or right from the radio station itself, the radio station will be removed without notice. This will happen if a contact person from the specific radio station contact us to remove the radio station submitted by you.

The radio stations submitted will go through a check, if the radio station is new and is working according to a program, it will be approved directly. If not it will be checked manually and will be approved within 3 business days. If the station is already added or don't work to listen to, it will not be added. The contributor or broadcaster will not be notified by the decline or approval of the submission.

4. Rights and copyrights

The radio station's owner and/or entity is the responsible entity for the copyright and other rights and laws will be followed. If we have any information about a radio station don't follow the laws about copyright and other laws in the country it streams from or are legally based, it will be removed without notice and be reported to the government for illegal activity. Radioo.App don't have any control over the content or programming of the third parties stations and can't put responsible for any illegal content on the radio stations.

The entire Content of the Website is protected by intellectual property laws and international conventions. The owners of the intellectual property rights to the Content are Radioo.app, its affiliates or other third parties.

It is prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute, in any manner, the Content of the Website, including texts, graphics, programming code and/or software.

Though we are the owner or the licensee of intellectual property rights in the Website, we do not own the intellectual property rights to the audio and video content made available for streaming on the Website and owned by third parties.

By its nature the Radioo.app acts as an intermediary platform embedding the links to the audio and video content broadcasted and communicated to the public by third parties. Being merely an intermediary, in no case Radioo.app broadcasts or communicates the content owned by third parties to the public.

While embedding any link in the Radioo.app, we guarantee that:

- the link and content thereof were freely accessible on the Internet;
- all the links and third parties’ content remain unaltered;
- the content is played from the same source and in the same way as if it was played on the original platform.

We consider all the Users of Radioo.app as potential recipients of the original communication, since the inclusion of the embedded link to the Service does not open up the content to any new public. Radioo.app does not assume any responsibility for the legitimacy of the original communication.

In no case Radioo.app intends to appropriate the third parties’ content. All the intellectual property rights to such content remain in the owners and licensors of the respective radio stations and streaming platforms.

Radioo.app highly respects and values intellectual property rights and strongly condemns any infringements thereof. If you believe that any Radioo.app Content infringes your intellectual property rights or other rights, or you are the owner of any content embedded in or listed on the Radioo.app and you want to alter or delete your content, please contact us.

5. Marketing

Radioo.App will advertise Radioo.App's Service and the radio stations existing in Radioo.App's Service and have advertisement for specific radio stations. When you submit a station you agree on that we have the right to advertise the Station with Radioo.App's Service. This also mean we will not advertise on or any website connected to adult business such as porn, sexshops and/or illegal businesses.

6. Updates

You can update a station by using the update station function on the specific radio station's page on Radioo.App. You can there add and change all data Radioo.App have on the radio station. The update will be approved right away. But when misused, by adding wrong data multiply time you will be block from updating stations.

If the data changed for the radio station is not okay or wrong according to radio website and not working stream it will not be approved and you will not be notified. If the update function doesn't work somehow, you can mail us to be sure the data was correct. Depending on mailflow, your mail will be answered within 1 business day.

7. Removal

If you wish to remove a specific radio station you can contact us with proof of ownership of a radio station and the radio station will be removed within 4 business days.