Thanks for your interest to contribute to Radioo.App's directory of stations.

Our API are available for:
- Agency
- Media company

We do not distribute the API for free at the moment. If you are interested to collaborate you can contact us

What we offer?
Over 3000 radio stations selected by our team. We are leader for TV/RADIO streaming to 2005.

Developer API Overview

CoolStreaming offers open access to key parts of the Radio Stations
and user community, via an open API interface. Using our APIs, you can easily
integrate online rapidly growing repository of Radio Station
into your application.

With our API we give open access to our radio stations repository and the user community. Using this API, you will be able to enrich your application with radio station from all over the world. The Radio Stations API is available only for commercial use.

Getting started

Request Formats
The response of an API method call can be in different formats.

- AUDIO SUPPORTED ( Shoutcast , Icecast , HLS [m3u8] )

Example XML call

<name>Name Stations</Name>
<id>id channel</Id>
<url_stream>>Url of stream</url>
<Site>Official Site</Site>

Available method:

[Search General]
[Search for id]
[Search for Country]
[New Stations]
[List for Country]

Technical Support

We only offer support related to APIs and calls.
We do not offer support for integration of any kind.
We do not offer any support for the player or knowledge of streaming codecs.

If you are interested to collaborate you can contact us